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Flat List group's scores

Get the list of scores shared with a group.

Flat Get current user profile

Get details about the current authenticated User.

Flat Create a new score

Use this API method to **create a new music score in the current User account**. You will need a MusicXML 3 (`vnd.recordare.musicxml` or `vnd.recordare.musicxml+xml`) or a MIDI (`audio/midi`) file to create the new Flat document. This API call wi...

Flat Delete a score

This API call will schedule the deletion of the score, its revisions, and whole history. The user calling this API method must have the `aclAdmin` rights on this document to process this action. The score won't be accessible anymore after calling ...

Flat Get a score's metadata

Get the details of a score identified by the `score` parameter in the URL. The currently authenticated user must have at least a read access to the document to use this API call.

Flat Edit a score's metadata

This API method allows you to change the metadata of a score document (e.g. its `title` or `privacy`), all the properties are optional. To edit the file itself, create a new revision using the appropriate method (`POST /v2/scores/{score}/revision...

Flat List the collaborators

This API call will list the different collaborators of a score and their rights on the document. The returned list will at least contain the owner of the document. Collaborators can be a single user (the object `user` will be populated) or a grou...

Flat Add a new collaborator

Share a score with a single user or a group. This API call allows to add, invite and update the collaborators of a document. - To add an existing Flat user to the document, specify its unique identifier in the `user` property. - To invite an exter...

Flat Delete a collaborator

Remove the specified collaborator from the score

Flat Get a collaborator

Get the information about a collaborator (User or Group).

Flat List comments

This method lists the different comments added on a music score (documents and inline) sorted by their post dates.

Flat Post a new comment

Post a document or a contextualized comment on a document. Please note that this method includes an anti-spam system for public scores. We don't guarantee that your comments will be accepted and displayed to end-user. Comments are be blocked by r...

Flat Fork a score

This API call will make a copy of the last revision of the specified score and create a new score. The copy of the score will have a privacy set to `private`. When using a [Flat for Education]( account, the inline and contextu...

Flat List the revisions

When creating a score or saving a new version of a score, a revision is created in our storage. This method allows you to list all of them, sorted by last modification. Depending the plan of the account, this list can be trunked to the few last r...

Flat Create a new revision

Update a score by uploading a new revision for this one.

Flat Get a score revision

When creating a score or saving a new version of a score, a revision is created in our storage. This method allows you to get a specific revision metadata.

Flat Get a score revision data

Retrieve the file corresponding to a score revision (the following formats are available: Flat JSON/Adagio JSON `json`, MusicXML `mxl`/`xml`, MP3 `mp3`, WAV `wav`, MIDI `midi`, or a tumbnail of the first page `thumbnail.png`).

Flat Get a public user profile

Get a public profile of a Flat User.

Flat List user's scores

Get the list of scores owned by the User

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